Arriscar’s response to COVID-19

All Arriscar employees are working from home consistent with advice from Government and Health Authorities. Our commitment to you is important and we are still delivering services to clients. We have IT systems that have meant working from home has not impacted our ability to deliver.

Our IT technology has enabled us to effectively facilitate workshops remotely, allowing clients to achieve their process safety objectives, while doing what they can to mitigate the risks COVID-19 presents. We are planning for more remote workshops in the coming weeks.

Many organisations are responding to the difficult environment by changing production to substances in high demand at this time. Some organisations may find themselves handling dangerous goods with new hazards to what they are normally used to. Arriscar has the skills and experience to help companies address these new challenges

You can still contact us through telephone, email, or using the contact us form on our website.


— The Arriscar Team

The Arriscar Difference

What you can expect from working with Arriscar

We minimise your safety and operational risks

Arriscar’s consultants specialize in quickly showing clients where and how to best allocate their scarce resources by concentrating on key risks and effective controls.

We specialize in assisting clients that need to manage their risks in high hazard industries. Our clients are in the Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Mining and Mineral Processing Industries. Regulatory agencies covering these industries also use our services. What we can offer you:

  • Comprehensive hazard identification
  • Work closely with the client representatives
  • Transfer of specialist knowledge to client representatives wherever possible
  • Cost effective risk engineering solutions
  • Solutions tailored to the organisation’s size, capacity and resources
  • Application of principles of inherently safer design wherever possible
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Industry Sectors We Cover

  • Upstream oil and gas both onshore and offshore (drilling, production, fixed and floating facilities)
  • Downstream petroleum refining, refined products storage and distribution
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals process industries
  • Mining
  • Mineral processing (hydro, pyro and electro metallurgy)
  • Government agencies including strategic land use planning
  • LNG industry
  • Insurance industries (independent surveys)
  • Hazardous materials transport (road, rail and waterways, pipelines)
  • Ports and Marine
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities (water, wastewater, power)

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