• Client Maxam Australia
  • Location Queensland, Australia

Maxam wanted to ensure process safety remained foremost in employees’ and managers’ minds at their manufacturing plants. Arriscar tailored a training package, using incident from around the world relevant to Maxam employees to highlight process safety elements that had failed, and what activities Maxam needed to engage in to ensure process safety was managed well.

Project challenge

  • Highlighting differences between process safety and occupational safety
  • Engaging with the audience
  • Short timeframe

Key benefits for the client

  • Discussion of process safety issues at site and the adequacy of controls
  • Improved awareness of process safety prior to moving to a Major Hazard Facility

Key issues

  • Manufacturing moving to a major hazard facility

How Arriscar helped the client

  • Listing and describing process safety management system elements
  • Identifying and using relevant global process safety incidents to demonstrate where good PSM could have helped
  • Highlighted the need to proactively manage and monitor major incident controls through performance standards and performance monitoring

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