• Client Thai Nippon Steel
  • Location Gulf of Thailand
  • Operator Mubadala Petroleum
  • Team Raghu Raman, John Paul Maiorana, Philip Skinner
  • Project Duration 3 Months

Project challenge

  • Preparation of the Safety Studies for the Well-head Processing Platform (WPP-A) and Wellhead Platform (WHP-B) at the Nong Yao Field in parallel with the preparation of the Engineering Detailed Design and equipment procurement
  • WPP-A and WHP-B were designed on a philosophy of minimal manning or unmanned operations. But a change in operating philosophy required the facilities to be normally manned. The safety studies needed to assess the platforms’ capability to operate permanently manned form a safety perspective.

Key benefits for the client

  • Provided risk based support to decision making within the design for fire and blast walls, fire and gas detector layout, escape routes and emergency systems
  • Improvements to design to reduce risk
  • Achieve corporate regulatory compliance
  • Incorporated operations philosophy in design

Key issues

  • Manning levels
  • Crew Transfers
  • Fire wall ratings with respect to EER Goals
  • Blast wall ratings
  • Fire and Gas Detection layout optimisation

How Arriscar helped the client

  • Fire and Explosion Risk Analysis: including CFD explosion modelling
  • Passive Fire Protection Study
  • 3D Fire and Gas Mapping Study
  • Dropped Object Risk Analysis
  • Ship Collision Study
  • Escape, Evacuation Rescue Analysis
  • Emergency Systems Survivability Analysis
  • Gas Dispersion and Smoke Ingress Analysis
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Thermal Plume and Vent Study (CFD)

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